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Hermoso Soccer Arena was born in 2014 when a group of amateur soccer enthusiasts in Singapore decided to hold a social league for their equally passionate player friends.
As words spread, our team numbers grew and we decided to register a company in April 2015 to manage the games more professionally.
‘Hermoso’ means ‘Beautiful’ in Spanish and to us, this is the ideal word to describe Soccer, probably the most beautiful game in the world.

To be among the top five organizers of amateur football games in Singapore by 2020.

To provide an unbiased stage for amateur football teams to compete and unwind themselves over the weekends.


League games:
1st  $600 + 20 medals + Trophy
2nd $300 + 20 medals
3rd  $150
Best Sportsmanship award
(Plaque + Mitre ball + $100)
Consolation prizes!
(Mitre ball)
Hermoso Cup:
1st  $600 + 20 medals + Cup
2nd $400 + 20 medals
3rd  $200




Once again, the weather was kind to us as we saw the completion of our Sunday 11am League S3 yesterday.
Warmest congrats to our winners!
1st: Team Predator Youth
2nd: Esperado Juniors
3rd: PBS Moricco
Best Sportsmanship:
Jyoto 91
Cash prizes have been paid to the winners and we are disbursing medals and consolation prizes to the deserving teams as well.
Glad to announce the start of S4 on the coming Sun (03 Dec) which will showcase some new teams together with existing ones. You can see them now in Gameday app.
We have also come out with our first video feature initiative yesterday displaying exciting moments of the match between HNAF and FC Wanderers (Amateur League S6) to good response and we hope to continue doing this for some of our upcoming games.
Meanwhile, the year-end holidays are right around the corner and we hope everyone enjoy their upcoming parties and celebrations to the fullest. Take care and see you guys again soon!



1) Is there any registration fee required to join your games?
Ans: Registration fee is $120 per team.

2) Can we enrol active NFL, Prime League or S-League players?
Ans: Active Prime League or S-League players are strictly not allowed. We allow up to two NFL-level players for each team in our league games only.

3) How about former professional players?
Ans: Former professional players’ (contract expired by > 6 months) participation will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Hermoso Soccer Arena’s decision will be final.

4) Where are your games held?
Ans: Our games are held mostly in the Central, North or West areas (artificial fields) in Singapore.

5) When are the games played?
Ans: Our league games are played mostly on Sun at 11am and 3pm

6) How much do you charge for game fees?
Ans: Teams will pay $120 per game.

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